Digital X-rays in Silver Spring, MD

Digital X-rays in Silver Spring, MD

Digital X-Rays have long been a vital part of routine dental exams. At De Lucs Dental, LLC, we take digital X-rays to observe the intricate details that could be missed during a visual examination. Thanks to improvements in X-ray technology, digital X-rays provide superior quality images faster than previous traditional dental X-rays.

Why Are Digital X-Rays Important?

X-ray technology has considerably advanced the practice of dentistry. X-rays allow dental professionals to identify and treat problems that are not visible to the naked eye, including tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses, and abnormal growths. This critical diagnostic tool has helped prevent needless suffering and saved innumerable teeth. Now, state-of-art digital X-rays have made the technology even safer and more helpful.

How Do Digital X-Rays Work?

Digital X-ray technology employs a tiny electronic sensor placed accurately in the oral cavity to capture an image, which can be displayed instantly on a computer screen. When digital X-rays were invented about twenty years ago, they straightaway offered numerous advantages over conventional X-ray films, which necessitate chemical processing. Most significantly, they reduced the amount of radiation exposure to the dental patient by as much as ninety percent. Modern digital X-rays require less exposure, making the experience that much safer. A digital X-ray offers the lowest radiation dose possible.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Less Radiation

The most vital benefit of using digital X-rays is that they emit ninety percent fewer radiations than traditional film X-rays. As a result, patients will have a safer experience when getting dental X-rays performed in our office.

  • Superior Quality Images

The quality of images in low-resolution machines will be poor. With digital X-rays, the superior quality images can be magnified to visualize the teeth and adjoining structures. Everything is easily adjustable, from brightness to color, contrast, and size, to observe even the smallest of cavities relatively easily.

  • Easy Storage

Digital X-rays can be stored conveniently on hard drives and mailed to different locations. There are significantly fewer chances of X-rays getting misplaced.

  • Shorter Dental Visits

Another benefit of digital X-rays is the faster processing time, meaning less time in the dental chair. Digital X-rays are sent straight to the computer screen, allowing you to see the images of your teeth immediately.

Our practice, De Lucs Dental, LLC, is focused on making your dental experience as comfortable as possible. If you want to undertake a digital X-ray, visit our office at 8630 Fenton Street, Suite 204, Silver Spring, MD 20910. You can reach us at 301-587-8081 | 301-587-8082 and schedule an appointment with Dentist in Silver Spring, MD Dr. Gary Lucombe.

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